Vision & Values

We are a family...

We are people joined together as family - children of the same wonderful Father God, growing in a Christ-like love for one another by the amazing power of His Spirit! Like those in the early church, we want to be devoted to one another, as Jesus himself prayed, so that through the quality of our love for one another, everyone will know that Jesus has come and the Father's love is just the same for them. Also we are united into an international family called ChristCentral Churches, which is part of Newfrontiers.


As a family, we are learning to deeply value the presence of God among us. God dwells in us, and we love to receive and use all the spiritual gifts He gives that help us to know and experience His presence among us. Simply enjoying Him together and coming to know Him more, is giving us a whole new perspective and victory in our lives. Enjoying Him is life-changing and our deepest form worship.

And sharing...

All this, precious as it is, is not something we want to just share amongst ourselves. We want everyone we meet, in our gatherings or in our daily lives, to be themselves and feel at home with us just as they are. We may be changed by all that the Father does amongst us, but we don't need to be changed to belong. We're discovering an extraordinary unconditional love that we seek to share with the world, making disciples and extending His kingdom on Earth. 

The goodness of God...

We see the goodness of God primarily in His own nature and the shocking, simply scandalous grace that led Jesus to willingly suffer and die in our place, so that we could be forgiven and united with Him forever! And the truth of this good news is not just about going to heaven when we die, it's about the glorious quality of life we can live now. We find this truth enables us to face the daily dilemmas of life with real freedom and power, becoming more and more like Jesus. 

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